The management of sediments is a significant issue in all the industrialized countries. Millions of cubic meters are dredged every year just for the maintenance of canals and harbors. Moreover, for many decades, waterways have been exposed to a wide variety of contaminants, still present in bottom sediments. In many cases dredged materials are perceived as a waste that has to be managed properly and disposed off. On the other hand, the beneficial reuse of sediments can optimize the management of natural resources in many engineering fields. The valorization of dredged materials as a resource represents an important technical and economical interest.

The major themes covered in the I2SM 2014 symposium are listed below: 

  • Emerging pollutants in sediments (theme A)
  • Characterization and monitoring (theme B)
  • Sediment and contaminant fate and transport (theme C)
  • Ecological impact assessment and Risk (theme D)
  • Sediment management and Decision-analysis tools (theme E)
  • Natural attenuation, capping and storage of sediments (theme F)
  • Dredging operation (theme G)
  • Mechanical treatments, dehydration, etc. (theme H)
  • Remediation of contaminated sediments (theme I)
  • Beneficial reuse of sediments (civil engineering, environmental restoration, products manufacturing, etc.) (theme J)
  • Policy and sediment quality guidelines (theme K)


I2SM 2014 - Topics

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